Let your Mind & Body halt in Harmony & Peace


Pamper Packages

Indulge into or very own packages that fits your needs and suites your fantasies


Tropic Getaway!

Pamper with one hot relaxing tropical experience with Tropical Island Glow paired with a nourishing yet therapeutic Refreshing Facial. One tropical treat you’ll surely love!


Metro Man

For the modern man in town, pamper with Volcanic Rock Massage with Hand & Foot Spa. Totally enticing!


Half Sinful, Half Divine

Enjoy the best of both worlds with Heaven on Earth with a combination of Swedish Massage plus a finale of Black Mud Body Wrap. Experience one of our originals, Surely you’ll feel heaven while indulging into a sinful treats.

4 u 2 NV*

Indulge in an envious relaxation. Experience one of our originals that will bring you to your natural glow, with Refreshing Facial with Mask complete with Hand & Foot Spa with Paraffin. One treatment you’ll surely be jealous of…

Sea Goddess Escape

Explore the underwater and escape the real world with the Sea Mist Body Polish with a touch of Aromatherapy Massage. With a perfect Sea Goddess Bubble Bathe Soak finish.

 Blissful Bride

Get ready for the special day. Pamper yourself and relax with Walnut Invigorating Srub with Peppermint Foot Wrap. Then immerse your body with Bubble Bathe Soak with Skim Milk & Rose Petals. With Refreshing Facial next for a perfect matte finish that’s ready for your Wedding Day


A perfect den for couples and partners, not just for relaxation but for the bonding it brings.  It’s a treat for two with Sea Mist Body Polish with a touch of Swedish Massage then soak in a twin Jacuzzi tub for a Bubble Bathe Soak. Finishing with a Refreshing Facial together. You’ll surely have a one of a kind Couple experience.


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