From the vibrant mind behind Paul Haute Couture   comes a new venture. A place where you can find relief from the stress brought by environment and your work. Discover the Art of Relaxation and Detoxification with Blue Elephant Spa.  

 BlueElephant Spa 

was uniquely conceptualized from a  traditional thai massage mixed with  the distinct  pinoy culture, thus making it aboved extra-ordinary.

Our staff, products, services and ambiance were all specially designed to fit into our theme.

Blue Elephant Spa products – effective, high quality imported spa products contains anti-oxidants, pure essential oils, natural herbs and botanical renowned for their effective soothing,  rejuvenating and healing properties. 

 Blue Elephant Spa services- traditional yet extraordinary, our services offer more than just pampering and relaxation. Treatments are designed to improve your skin, your body and your overall well being.

 Blue Elephant Spa  staff – naturally warmth with authentic Filipino hospitality. None have graduated from hospitality school but all have matriculated at the school of loving kindness. Our team will help you develop a long term wellness program to achieve therapeutic benefits such as anti-aging, stress relief, and re-energizing.  

Blue Elephant Spa ambiance- We bring Mother Nature closer to you. It is our pride that we maintained the green and fresh surroundings amidst the busy city of Cavite.

Blue Elephant Spa provides the best place at the best price with the best results. Embrace mother nature, experience the difference,








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