Body Scrubs

Body scrubs prepare your skin for better absorption of vitamins, minerals and hydration of all products. Body wraps are like cocoons - warm, wonderful and secure. Sound enticing? All body treatments include a light application of body lotion after your shower. Optimal benefits occur when a body wrap follows a body scrub

Embraced for their revitalizing and therapeutic effects. From the ancient black mud to modern sea salt scrubs these treatments detoxify the body, de-stress the mind and revitalize the skin.

Have a softer skin, a vibrant glow, and a very relaxed you!



Sea Mist Body Polish

60 minute session

Experience the special treatment of natural refined sea salts and essential oils, blended together for the ultimate body exfoliation.

This is a revitalizing and energizing scrub that will smooth and soften your whole body.



Tropical Island Glow

60 minute session

Relax and enjoy as milk from the coconut is gently massaged into the skin, followed by an application of pure milk and tropical walnut oils ridding the body of dead skin.  Healthy new skin is revealed with the application of walnut and coconut oil. This helps to prevent aging and whitening.



Walnut Invigorating Scrub

60 minute session

Finely ground walnuts are massaged all over you to buff away skin impurities and soften dull, dry skin. It also aides in bringing you a fairer, whiter complexion. Your skin will be polished, glowing and sensational.



Heaven on Earth

This treatment begins with a salt scrub exfoliation to slough off dead skin cells followed by hydrating your skin with all-natural ingredients such as pure honey and milk that would make your skin firmer, softer and whiter. Take relaxation to a whole new level!



Black Coffee Exfoliating Polish

Coffee acts as a gentle yet stimulating exfoliant, improving circulation and breaking up fatty deposits which cause cellulites. Coffee bean has built up a favorable reputation due to its ability to heal, soothe and revitalize skin cells



Green Tea Natural Scrub


            Green tea known with its slimming property helps improving circulation with its aroma. The natural oils add to the exfoliation process. Sure to have relaxation at its best



Black Mud Body Wrap

This treatment focuses on relaxation of the bodies’ muscles and joints. With major healing properties, the mud from Jerusalem, is a powerful detoxifier which flushes out toxins and excess fluids in your body. Its potent ingredients stimulate blood circulation which creates balance, vitality & vibrancy. Also helps reduce cellulites and stretchmarks





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