Hands and Feet


Hand Spa


50 minute session


          We begin with an exfoliation for your hands & forearms. Hands are bathed & relaxing massage is applied from your elbows to your fingertips.


Hand Paraffin

30 minute session


            The sensitive skin of our hands need special care. Hand Paraffin Treatment has been proven to be very effective in ensuring that our hands are soft and silky. High quality Paraffin products provide optimal results. 




Foot Spa


50 minute session


            A "facial" for your lower legs & Feet. This Luxurious treatment begins with a therapeutic natural footbath, followed by a soothing enzyme scrub, relaxing massage from the top of the knee to the tip of the toe



Foot Paraffin

30 minute session


            An easy way to de-stress your feet, at the same time offer moisture and warmth, leaving your feet soft and smooth.




Peppermint Wrap

30 minute session


            A gentle massage using peppermint lotion follows promoting blood circulation and providing relief throughout the body.



Blue Elephant Foot Therapy

50 minute session


            A healing massage based on the principles of reflexology. This ancient form of therapy targets points on the feet linked to specific body parts and systems. Offers relief from pain and stress while bringing the body back into a homeostasis or balance. A refreshing treat for hot, tired feet, that revitalizes circulation. Leaves feet feeling tingly.


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